Race PRs

Half-Marathon: 1:53:35 (March 3, 2013, 7th Annual Armadillo Dash, College Station, TX)
Click here for my race report.

Full Marathon (the one and only I've run thus far): 4:56:50 (October 20, 2013, Detroit Free Press Marathon, Detroit, MI)
Race report coming soon. 

5K: 21:02 (September 28, 2002, MIAA Jamboree, St. Mary's College, Notre Dame, IN.  College cross-country race.)
(Sadly, I have no race report for this one.  This race happened years before I started writing Feels Like Flying.)

10K: 56:09 (June 23, 2012, Solstice Run 10K, Northville, MI.)
Click here for my race report.

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