Sunday, April 3, 2011

Then I Had a Glass of Wine and Made Everything Better

Wine and Water

Wine with Dinner

Not Bad Luck

Thursday’s Bike Ride Commute and General Restlessness (3/31/11)

Wine!  It’ll cure what ails ya, at least if what ails you is a restless impatience for something exciting.

I’m not in the habit of drinking wine too often, but sometimes it really hits the spot.  Pouring myself a glass of wine feels like such a grown-up thing to do.  I don’t really feel like I’m 29, but occasionally I’ll have moments that remind me just how much freedom I have now because I am a grown-up, with a grown-up job and grown-up responsibilities.  And I can choose to relax in grown-up ways, like fishing a bottle of wine out of the fridge and pouring myself a glass.  I was feeling restless and fidgety in an uncomfortable way, so the wine was, in a sense, a form of self-medication.  I had just one glass, but it did make me a little tipsy.  Fortunately, I had no big plans for the evening, so tipsy was okay.  In fact, tipsy was nice and relaxing.  It makes me think I should drink more often!

On Thursday, before that glass of wine, I rode my bike to and from work.  I don’t really remember Thursday, which tells me it was a pretty ordinary day.  I’m kind of tired of ordinary days and feel ready for something out of the ordinary to happen.  Next weekend’s plans ought to do the job: a road trip to Austin with a good friend, meeting up with more good friends in Austin, and some big-city fun with all these good friends!  Actually, I’m not sure we’re doing much in the way of urban fun.  We’ve talked about going for walks and looking at flowers, which sounds a lot like my life in College Station.  But we are going out for a terrific dinner on Saturday night, and we must, simply MUST, visit the flagship Whole Foods store in Austin.  I booked our hotel room this morning, and I’m feeling ready to hit the road.

Austin, get ready.  We’re coming, and we’re going to be hungry.  Don’t forget the wine.


  1. Wine does make everything better. And Austin is a great get-away! I don't go there nearly enough. (It's about four hours from us, which is actually not too far for Texas!) While you are there, I suggest going to Toy Joy (coolest toy store ever, and I'm not even into toys). Look for the Hey Cupcake airstream trailer. And Veggie Heaven is great for cheap, fast, yummy food.

  2. Ooh, trip recommendations! Chrissy, you are the BEST! Veggie Heaven sounds good for our lunch on Saturday. And hey, I like cupcakes, so maybe we'll get lucky and catch Hey Cupcake on the street.

    Maybe next time I visit Austin, we could check out the city together. Wouldn't that be fun? :-) I hope this trip is the first of many--I think Austin is my kind of town, and it's really not far at all from College Station.