Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Appropriate Weekend Activities

Flowers and Rocks

Tiny Flowers

Looking Up into the Tree

Weekend Warrior: Friday’s Late-night Walk, Saturday’s Bike Ride Commute, and Sunday’s Run (4/1-4/3/11)

There’s so much green in these photos!  I love it.  We’re trying to get spring going in Texas, and it sure looks like spring, but we keep having cold snaps.  I’m just not sure we’re there yet.  For example, today I am wearing a warm pink sweater because it was only 40-something degrees out there this morning.  Yesterday I wore a skirt and short sleeves, and I was freezing all day.  Thank goodness I’m from the North and have an abundance of cozy sweaters for times like this.

My weekend was lovely and slow, which is just the way I like it.  On Friday, after lounging for a decadently long time on the couch, I ate dinner and went for a late-night walk.  I like the after-dinner walk, but sometimes I walk too fast and I forget that I’m full of food.  It’s better to take a slow stroll after dinner rather than a power walk.  I tell you this so that I might spare you the unnecessary cramps.  It’s just like swimming: you’ve got to take it easy after you eat!

Saturday was a little busy, but it was all good: I rode my bike to the lab to get some work done.  Then I rode to the hippie food store for good eats.  By the time I was done shopping, I was starving, so I went home and ate.  The rest of my day was devoted to appropriate weekend activities: a long chat on the phone with my Austin tour guide, more grocery shopping, cooking, and watching a movie.  It was a full day!

On Sunday, I finally got my feet into sneakers and out the door for a run.  I haven’t been running much, as you may have noticed, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss it.  I think when you do a lot of sporty things, it can be hard to give each of them the attention they deserve.  Lately, yoga and biking have been my sporty fun things for two reasons: yoga for my 40 Days of Yoga project and biking because I love to bike to work.  It’s so much better than the bus!  But to my mind, Sundays were made for running, so that’s what I did: my favorite running loop, with 20 minutes of running and another 20 minutes or so of walking to finish the loop.  I definitely did not push myself at all here—I was just looking for an easy run to remind myself that yes, I am a runner.  Maybe this week I’ll get another run under my feet before the weekend.

Happy week to you, loyal reader!

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