Friday, April 15, 2011

Visiting the Woods on a Warm Spring Day

I Love Tangles of Branches

Look Up and You See This

Bike with Nature Trail Sign

Tuesday and Thursday Bike Ride Commutes (4/12 and 4/14/11)

It’s been stunningly beautiful in Texas this week, albeit windy as usual.  I’ve been happy to take advantage of my two-wheeled commute option for all the usual reasons: freedom from bus schedule tyranny, the fresh air, the pleasant rhythm of my feet pedaling me to my destination.  Lately, I’ve been taking the longer and more scenic route home in the evenings, and this short nature trail is along my path.  There’s no bike rack nearby, so I haven’t been hiking the trail, but I do like to stop for a few minutes to take some pretty pictures before resuming my ride home.  When I was training for the half-marathon, occasionally I would do part of my run through this trail, and I kept thinking that I need to come back to walk through it, slowly, with my camera in hand.  I still need to do that.  For me, there is nothing as relaxing as walking in a wooded trail.  Even if there are cars zipping by not more than 100 feet from where I stand, the dense growth of trees and plants helps to muffle the noise, and I feel 100 miles from my busy daily life.  I love that feeling, especially when I can find it right in my own city.

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