Monday, April 11, 2011


And the Sky Wore Stripes

Yoga Update (4/4-4/10/11)

I am almost to the halfway point in my 40 Days of Yoga project.  I think it would go against the spirit of yoga for me to be disappointed by my slow progression and tendency to skip yoga, so I won’t say that I am.  Instead, I’ll say that this project is teaching me what kind of a yogi I am versus what kind of a yogi I could be, if time and energy weren’t limited, and if I were utterly devoted to yoga.  The funny thing is, I do feel devoted to yoga.  It’s been a part of my life for almost a decade, and it’s made me a stronger, happier, calmer person.  I love yoga.  But I have a hard time doing it every day, which is what this project has taught me.  Yesterday was Day 16 out of 40.  24 days to go!  I do plan to finish the project, but now I know it won’t be finished until May.  May!  I wasn’t planning on that.  Oh well.  Even hyperactive planners like me have to deal with life’s curveballs, and sometimes the change of plans comes from within.

My yoga week, in a proverbial nutshell:

Monday (4/4): I join Dave Farmar for another round of his Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga.  Namaste, Dave!

Tuesday (4/5): I am absurdly tired today, and I have no reason for it.  I do a very short pajama yoga session, trying to concentrate on my breathing, hoping that it will relax me enough to fall straight into unconsciousness when I crawl into bed.  I think it works, as I wake up the next day feeling a little less squashed by life.

Wednesday (4/6): I practice Morning Flow #1, at night as usual.

Thursday (4/7): I skip yoga and meet a friend for drinks.  Later in the evening, I find myself wondering if what I thought was “meeting a friend for drinks” was actually a date.  I am equal parts intrigued and dismayed, as I am not a fan of the stealth date.  I like my romance straight-up, no ice.

Friday (4/8): I skip yoga again, but this time I have a very good excuse.  In anticipation of a trip to Austin the next day, I do a little grocery shopping to pick up salad ingredients.  While I’m out, I find a terrific pair of black sandals.  The sandals are a little sexier than what I was seeking, but I decide I like them and I take them home with me.  The next day, Matt looks at my feet and asks, “Are those your shoes?”  Ha!  Damn right they are.  And they’re so tall that I feel practically amazonian tottering around in them.

Saturday (4/9): No yoga today, as my friend and I road-trip our way to Austin for an overnight visit.  I have such a good time enjoying the change in scenery and my wonderful friends that I wish we could stay longer.  Next year!  Next year I shall return to Austin for a weekend and stay at one of the bed-and-breakfasts.  Doesn’t that sound lovely?  I’m going to save my pennies for that trip.

Sunday (4/10): I return to the metaphorical yoga mat with some pajama yoga before I go to bed.  My legs are tight from biking and hiking over the weekend, so downward-facing dog feels good.  I am exhausted, so I only do a few minutes of yoga before climbing into bed, but they are quality minutes.  Om…

Have an om-filled week, my dears!

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