Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Days, They Fly By

Bike with Fun Stairs

Relaxing with Book

On Bike-riding and Wallowing Lately

It’s been unusually quiet around here, and that’s because I’ve been yapping nonstop about vegetarianism on Life, Love, and Food.  I like the chance to talk about meatless eating in more depth than I usually do; it’s given me the opportunity to talk about the issue of vegetarian wedding food, my seminal texts for vegetarian cooking, and I even have the pleasure of hosting a few guest bloggers, such as the smart and spunky Chrissy.  I enjoy writing projects, and perhaps this particular one has been skittering around in my head for a while now.  For a dedicated vegetarian and long-time food blogger (four years!  Holy moly!), it took me a long time to put some effort into articulating my thoughts and feelings about vegetarianism.  And the project isn’t over yet: I’m in my third of four weeks of Veg Bootcamp, so there are more posts to be written!  More food to be cooked!  More meals to be eaten!  More dishes to be washed!  (Or, more accurately, more dishes to be ignored in the sink!)

Juggling two blogs is not easy, and it’s not my forte.  I like writing two blogs, as I think they allow me to talk about different topics.  I love taking photos for this blog, and I love the excuse to walk around my neighborhood with my eyes peeled for photographic opportunities.  But right now, between Veg Bootcamp and my hectic work schedule, I’m a little overwhelmed.  Fitness-wise, I feel like I’m between projects, having finished the half-marathon in March and my yoga project in May.  I want to start summer running, as I’m feeling really inspired by the examples set by Chrissy and Kate.

For now, I’m riding my bike to campus and around town 3-5 times a week, and I’m going for walks in the evening, when the sun has begun to set and the heat lets up a little bit.  When I’m not working, I’m wallowing a bit in lazier pastimes, such as reading or watching Law and Order: SVU.  I’ll get back to running, I hope, and to blogging here more regularly, but for now, I’m taking it easy.  I’ll still be posting more or less every day on my food blog until June 11 or thereabouts, but things around here will be quiet for a few more days.  I hope you don’t mind the quiet.  Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back here later this month, I promise.

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