Sunday, February 5, 2012

Time Flies, and so do Birds

Fly Away

Week of January 29, 2012:

Tuesday: Short run

Wednesday: Off (running errands again)

Thursday: Short run

Friday: Half a bike commute

Saturday: More biking (more errands!)

Last week was a busy, rewarding week.  I finished up revisions on a grant that is due this month and got myself organized to start a new set of experiments.  When science was draining me of all mental capacity, my short runs refreshed me and gave me some much-needed time away from the computer screen.

On Friday, my bike commute was cut in half by a terrible, impressive lightning-and-thunder storm which sent buckets of rain sloshing down on our heads.  Now, I’m not afraid to get a little wet.  I may whine, but I am not a wuss.  But this storm was ferocious, so I left my bike on campus in favor of the safety of the bus, and I’m glad I did—some weather is not safe for bikes, especially when the rain is coming down so hard that it’s not clear how well the drivers can see.  I returned to campus on Saturday to retrieve my bike, which thankfully still had both its tires.  (Bike theft is rampant on A & M’s campus.)  Happily reunited with my bike, we rode over to Target, where I spent too much money as usual (who can resist a cute striped dress?), and to HEB, where I bought edible goodies.  All in all, a productive Saturday that exhausted me and let me sleep blissful, restorative, deep sleep.

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