Sunday, January 19, 2014

Here We Go Again!

Look at that Pretty Belly!

Kitty in a Sunbeam

Week of January 6, 2014:

Monday: Evening yoga (oof, this was a good one)

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: Morning run.  40 minutes total, 30 minutes of running.

Thursday: Off

Friday: To the bank on foot + early evening run.  66 minutes total, 30 minutes of running

Saturday: Short bike ride + evening walk

Sunday: LONG RUN!  65 minutes total, 55 minutes of running

Total minutes walked/ran: 171.  Total estimated miles: 15.2.

I swear, my cat does more than just sleep, but she does spend a lot of her time napping.  She’s so cute that I can’t help but grab the camera so that I can share her cuteness with the world.  Look at her pretty white belly!  Look at how she basks in a sunbeam!

Hurray for the first fitness post of 2014!  As usual, I’m behind in my blogging, but you must be used to that by now.  “Never on time, always cheerful”: that’s my motto.  So far, I’m doing well on my resolution to run 40 miles in January.  I’m ramping up my long runs in anticipation of the half-marathon on March, and I’m striving for three runs per week.  Last week was most successful in all ways, with about 11 miles of running spread out over three runs.  That’s a good running week for me.

I’m going to keep this short, because I’ve got work to do today, so for now, I’ll wish you a happy Sunday and a great start to the new week!

Until next time, sweet friends!

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  1. Your motto is great! :)

    I'm looking at a low mileage month as conference travel and illness wiped out the first two weeks of the year for me, but I'm happy to be back to getting some runs and cross-training workouts into my schedule.