Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Forward Momentum

Sunday Sunset

Week of July 3, 2011:

* Bike: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday.

* Run: Tuesday.

It’s really nice to be back here, in this space.  I missed writing for this little blog, which is not just my fitness journal but a sort of diary of my everyday life.  I’m thinking that now I have a fitness plan for July, I can check in here twice a week, more or less, to share a few photos and tell you what’s going on in my corner of the universe.  Does that sound good to you?  Good!  I was hoping we’d all be on the same page with this plan.

Today was an exciting day!  There was a storm whipping things around when I left work this evening, tossing leaves and ripped flowers and raindrops at me.  I rode my bike to work today, and I left work late enough that the bus wasn’t an option, so I decided to brave the storm and ride home.  The storm didn’t seem too dangerous; the worst effect of it was that the raindrops kept splashing into my eyes and drying out my contact lenses.  (Got that?  Water in eye = dry contact lens.  I don’t know how it works, but I report my data honestly.)  And the cooler temperature of the air outside felt terrific after weeks and weeks of extreme heat.

On my way home, I passed a cat family, probably mama cat and her five teenaged kittens.  I adore cats, so I stopped to coo over them until a door behind the cat family opened, sending them all scurrying away together.  Those kittens may have been teenagers, but they were still following mama’s lead on the important things.

Tonight I’m feeling a little tired, so I’m parked on the couch, relaxing with my dessert and writing.  This is my favorite place to be, and I can even admire the pedicure on my toes peaking up over my computer screen.  Oh, and I’ve got Tom Petty spinning on the CD player.  He’s good for relaxing.

Hope your week is going well, my dears!

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