Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sunday Flowers, Monday Showers

Strands of Spiderweb


Fading Flower

Week of July 17, 2011:

Bike: Sunday, Tuesday

Run: Monday

I ran outside last night!  We had a storm system moving through the area, which gave us cloud cover to block the sun and slightly cooler temps.  I walked outside in my work-out clothes, fully intending to go to the gym and watch Food Network while running on the treadmill, but being the carpe diem girl that I am, I decided to stay outside for my work-out.  (And seriously, if a Guy Fieri show was my Food Network option, I will start to view the television as negative reinforcement for summer running.  Does anyone else find him as annoying as I do?  And does he really sign his name with an exclamation mark?  That’s as bad as a teenage girl dotting her i’s with hearts.)

(Okay, rant over.)

After not running outside for months, I felt ridiculously slow last night, but I didn’t really mind.  I was just grateful to be outside with my slow legs.

On Sunday, I did my normal bike commute to work.  On my way home, I stopped at the gardens again to take some photos.  I’m sharing a few of my favorites above.  Everything in that garden is in shades of technicolor!  It’s unreal how bright and vibrant all the flowers are, but even amid all that lushness, you can see signs of the fading summer.  It will be a long time before the summer starts to recede down here, but some of the flowers hint at cooler days ahead.  I can’t wait.


  1. I am with you about Guy Fieri being annoying. I avoid him so much that I didn't even realize he signed his name with an exclamation point.

    The photos are lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ugh, Guy Fieri! You know, what's funny is that I love diner food, but he and his show are so over the top with their glorification of junk food that it makes me want to go home and eat salad. And I hate the assumption they make that "nobody makes this food at home any more," which is totally not true. For someone who works for Food Network, I'm surprised he would say something like that. Then again, from what I've seen, Food Network is becoming obsessed with competitions that have little in common with the daily task of feeding one's self. Where are the cooking shows?!? Maybe I'm just watching it at the wrong time of day?