Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lovely September

Greenhouse at Dusk

Melange of Plants

Bike Wheel with Shadow

Week of September 4, 2011:

Bike: Sunday and Wednesday

Run: Monday

Hodgepodge: Tuesday (a little biking, a walk, a bit of yoga)

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week!  It’s about 40 degrees cooler than it’s been in months, which means I can wake up in the morning, open the patio door, and the air drifting inside feels cool to me.  It’s wonderful.  It also makes it a lot easier to enjoy outdoor work-outs, such as Monday’s long run (a 20-minute out-and-back loop) and my bike commutes (the usual—about 3-4 miles each way, so a day of commuting is about 7-8 miles roundtrip).

This week feels a bit hectic to me as I get ready to go out of town.  I’m feeling a lot of internal pressure to get lots done at work; on top of that, I have various errands to run (bank, shopping, library) in preparation for my trip.  But I’m excited to fly north to see my family, and I think the time away from work and Texas will be really refreshing.  So I’m going to dive back in, and hopefully I’ll have time to check in here once or twice more before I leave.

Happy September, friends.


  1. Yay for cooler, more September-y weather! I hope you're able to get everything done and leave town feeling unencumbered with work or worries.

  2. Oh, me too. Work is all covered now, but oy, I need to do some more packing tonight. I'd rather watch Friday Night Lights instead ;-)

    You always leave such nice comments. Thank you for that and for continuing to inspire me! I'm hoping for some speedy recovery/healing for you.

  3. Someone was burning leaves in their backyard in my neighborhood this week. It made me so sentimental and happy I could have cried. I'm so happy for the fall to be here.

  4. Oh, I love that too, Daine! It's one of the quintessential fall scents. Hope the season treats you well, with lots of pumpkins and apple cider and crisp fall days.