Sunday, November 25, 2012

One Week Later

November 25 Long Run

Running Feet

Week of November 18, 2012:

Monday: Yoga (Gentle Hatha #4)

Tuesday: Bike ride commute to work and grocery store

Wednesday: Off (friend in town for Thanksgiving!)

Thursday: Late-afternoon walk with friend

Friday: Another late-afternoon walk, this time alone

Saturday: Errands via bike

Minutes run this week: 40 (just one run)

Week of November 25, 2012:

Sunday: Long run! (70 minutes)

Tonight I shall give you a short list of what I did last week: eat, drink, and be merry.  I didn’t do much running, just one long run on Sunday, which was only 40 minutes because it was a step-back week for me.  I meant to fit a run into Friday, but my friend Courtney ended up staying at my place until late afternoon, and after she left, I was more in the mood for a slow walk than a run.  So a slow walk it was, underneath an overcast sky with chilly temperatures.  (Chilly for Texas, that is.  Everything is relative around here.)

But it’s all good and back to business this week.  Today I set off for a 70-minute run, and it split itself into two parts: the first 45 minutes were easy, strong, solid running.  The last 25 felt like I’d hit the long run wall and slogged through them.  I feel like some of that slogging is probably the result of taking a week off of running, and if that’s the price I have to pay for prioritizing friends and food over running, so be it.  It was a pretty good run overall—I was certainly happy to be back on the roads.

It would have been nice to have a Thanksgiving Day run, or a birthday run, and I do feel a twinge of regret that those runs didn’t happen.  But my Thanksgiving Day was packed with cooking and friends, and yesterday I got on the bike for some errands.  I’m often willing to have a “brick run” where I run after riding, but yesterday—eh.  I wasn’t feeling it, and I decided to just resume running today.  But this week, I’m looking forward to some good runs in addition to today’s challenging long run!

Happy running, friends!  And happy belated Thanksgiving—now’s the time to run off all that pie. 

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