Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Week Eleven: Is It October Yet?

Cherry BowlSunday Clouds

{Sunday cherries // Monday clouds}

Week of August 19, 2013:

Monday: Evening bike ride for 30 minutes

Tuesday: Evening run…OUTSIDE!  Oh, joy!  32 minutes total.  Running portion: {5 min. run, 1 min. walk} x 4 for 20 min. running total

Wednesday: Off (off making delicious tofu tacos with Paul!)

Thursday: Off (off eating migas with Courtney!  Migas are the best.)

Friday: Treadmill work-out.  34 minutes total.  Running portion: 22 minutes continuous.

Saturday: Outside walk to the hippie grocery store, about half of it powerwalking.  41 minutes total.

Sunday: LONG WALK!  104 minutes total, power-walking about half of it. 

Total minutes walked/ran this week: 247.  Estimated miles: 17.9.  (Excel spreadsheet calculation!)

We’ve reached the halfway point (more or less) for this marathon training cycle.  I admit to a yo-yo attitude toward the marathon: sometimes I am grateful for the structure it has imposed on me this summer; other times I cannot WAIT for this race to be done so I can have my Sundays back.  I’ve still got four very long work-outs ahead of me, so “halfway point” feels like a relative term.  Up next: two hours and forty-five minutes on my feet, after a weekend of helping a friend move.  Yay?

Last Sunday’s long walk was a mixed bag.  I felt pretty good for the first two-thirds of it, then I developed a raging thirst and wanted nothing more than to be DONE NOW.  Predictably, I’m ready to be done with August, but then, just like that, the weather cooled off a bit!  After all these hours working out in 90+ degree heat, any day that’s below 90 degrees is a day for running outside.  If I’m lucky, I’ll get one of those outdoor runs today!  Nope.  It’s 93 degrees out now, so to the treadmill I go.

Happy running to you!

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