Thursday, February 17, 2011

It Works Like a Charm

Trees Overhead

Dressed Up

Branch Against Brightness

Tuesday’s Yoga and Wednesday’s Bike Ride Commute (2/15-2/16/11)

It’s been a good week around here.  It was a front-loaded with busyness, but the weekend is almost upon us and I’m feeling mighty happy about things.  Tuesday was kinda nuts at work.  I’m one of the organizers for our postdoc association, and we hosted our first real seminar of the year.  There were e-mails flying in and out of my box all day, and we had no tech support at the seminar, so we were figuring everything out on the fly.  With the exception of one major glitch that I couldn’t correct, the seminar went well and our speaker was terrific.  I went home exhausted, ate dinner, and decided to unwind by doing my new favorite yoga class, Morning Flow #1.  I have yet to do this class in the morning, but I find that all this talk about having a great day sets the mood quite nicely for the next day.  I just mentally transfer all that good morning energy into my tomorrow.  It works like a charm.

On Wednesday, I finally got back on the bike!  I hadn’t gone for a ride since Saturday, and I was itching to put my feet on the pedals.  The weather has been really mild lately, so my bike ride was smooth and easy.  Now that my long-run mileage has climbed into the double digits, I’m trying to take it easy by not doing too much strenuous exercise in the days that follow my long runs.  This week’s plan was perfect: long run on Sunday, rest day (cooking day!) on Monday, easy yoga on Tuesday, and bike on Wednesday.  I took lots of photo breaks during Wednesday’s ride; the light was just so gorgeous that day that I couldn’t resist.  I can feel my Texas spring fever setting in—let’s hope I make it through Friday without skipping out on work to go play in the sunshine!

Happy almost-weekend, everyone!

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