Saturday, February 12, 2011


D Heart A with Snow

Hola, loyal reader(s)!  It’s been a good but highly unusual week around the Feels Like Flying headquarters.  I thought I should drop in this morning to say that I’m alive and I hope to resume my semi-regular posting soon.  I was distracted by the very handsome man who kept showing up at my door this week, and I couldn’t turn him away because he just looked so cold out there in the sub-freezing temperatures we’ve had in Texas.  So I invited him inside and rediscovered that he’s very good at hugging me and feeding us and picking out mind-blowing red wines.  I already knew all of these things because he’s been showing up at my door periodically for the past three years, but sometimes I forget.  I adore him.  So you’ll pardon me, I hope, for this blog’s recent silence.

The half-marathon is approaching rapidly—March 6!  3 weeks away!—so I am now entering the final stage of preparations.  Tomorrow I will do my first ten-mile run, which is equal parts exciting and eye-popping.  Today I’ve got to get myself into the lab to do an experiment this morning, but I’ll be back later this weekend with a little update from the past week.

Until then, happy weekend and take care!

PS  No trees were harmed in the making of this post, but that tree above may have been harmed by the carving of “D Heart A” into its side.

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