Sunday, December 18, 2011


Remnants of Fall

Week of December 18, 2011:

Run: Sunday

Wouldn’t it be even better if I were wearing boots in that photo above?  Alas, I have no cute boots, just a pair of extremely old black boots that are about to get, uh, booted from my closet if Santa brings me a new pair.  But I do have a great pair of black flats that I wear all the time now.  You could say they are part of my work uniform.

I’m finally caught up on my life!  My computer is working beautifully these days, the number of ants in my apartment is down to a tolerable minimum, and I’m making strides on my grant work.  What I’m not caught up on is blogging, and I think I’m going to let that go because frankly, I just don’t have the energy to rewind two weeks to tell you all about my work-outs.  Suffice to say that I have been working out.  The best part of my running life is having a running buddy, my friend Christy, with whom I’m training for the 2012 Armadillo Dash.  We ran 60 minutes this morning, starting at our home base (a pretty park in my favorite neighborhood) and into main campus.  It was a beautiful day for running, overcast but with mild temperatures and no wind.  We ran slowly, with several walk breaks, which is totally fine with me because I want to run with a friend, and sometimes that means running slower to accommodate your friend.  The important thing, in my mind, is that we get out there and get some miles under our feet.  I want to have a fun race at the Armadillo Dash, and if we’ve trained to go the distance, even if we run slowly, then we’ll have a better race day and better recovery after the race.

How is your Sunday, sweet reader?  I am brainstorming ideas for a grant and downloading papers that for some mysterious reason, I haven’t saved on my computer.  Oh, Past Rose-Anne, sometimes I do not understand you at all! 


  1. Yay for running with a friend! I'm glad to see you posting here again, too.
    I hope that Santa brings you some new boots and that you show them off soon!

    Let us not even speak of past R who has failed to back up important things sometimes. Current R, thankfully, seems to be much better about dropboxing things.

  2. I'm so glad Current R is in charge of things around The Running Historian headquarters! Past R, you can drink wine with Past Rose-Anne, who is enjoying the fact that she's not in charge any more.

    I'm glad to be back here too! Gah, it was so annoying not being able to blog. I feel a little bad about not writing all the posts I had planned, but I think it's best to move onward and upward after all the recent setbacks. And besides, with 2012 coming around the bend, there will be plenty of time for some reflection and goal-setting.

    Have a good week, R!