Thursday, December 1, 2011

Speed Demon! Or Maybe Not…

Week of November 27, 2011:

Run: Wednesday

I have a new running buddy!  Christy and I went running two days over Thanksgiving weekend, and I think we’ve decided to train for the upcoming Armadillo Dash half-marathon together.  It’s been really fun to have a buddy who is eager to run with me, despite the very chilly weather we had last Sunday.

When it comes to running buddies, compromise is often a necessity.  I’ve told Christy that we’ll run at her pace, and it doesn’t bother me if it’s slower than I might run on my own.  For the 2012 Dash, I’m not looking for a new PR; I’m just looking for the fun and health benefits of a good training season and then a fun race at the end.  I know that running helps to lift my mood and keep me feeling focused, energized, and positive about life, and I need that now more than ever.

So speed demons we are not on our runs together.  In light of that truth, I decided to hop on the treadmill last night to see if I couldn’t crank out two 8-minute miles.  And I could not.  I warmed up, and once I was running the 8-mile/min. pace, I realized just how hard it was.  It was hard, y’all!  I decided I could push through one mile at that pace, which was exciting.  And then I was done.  Whew!  Let’s do it again next week, shall we?

Have you had any good speed work-outs lately, dear readers?  Any failed attempts to run faster?  Does anyone else overestimate her fitness sometimes like I do?


  1. This summer I did quarter mile sprints on a track by our house, and had several that were under 2 minutes. I would do one lap walking, one lap sprinting, usually going two miles total. I thought they were great for giving my body confidence that it COULD actually go that fast. 9 minute miles don't seem so fast after pacing out 7 and a half.

  2. JD, I love short-distance sprints! They seem so much less intimidating than running hard for several miles. Maybe I'll mix it up and do some 2-minute intervals at 8:00/mile on ye olde treadmille.

    So, we're going to run together this month, right? I just hope I don't die in Michigan's bone-chilling cold...

  3. Layers, it is all about layers!

  4. I tried to do Yassos on Thursday afternoon when I got home from teaching my last class. I only did 3X800, but it was so hard and I couldn't get my speed anywhere close to where I was at in the summer. I definitely have a ways to go to build my conditioning back to where it was and to improve from there.

  5. Layers! Yes, tons of layers. I'm so scared of Michigan this month...

    Hey, 3x800 is better than 0x800, right? You'll get there; be patient with yourself :-) Believe me, I feel your pain--an 8-minute mile should not have felt as hard as it did last week!