Thursday, January 19, 2012

I reserve the right to wear funny socks

Awesome Socks

Week of January 15, 2012:

Sunday: Short run with friend

Monday: Bike commute

Tuesday: Off (sushi birthday dinner with Christy and the girls!)

Wednesday: Long run

Thursday: Yoga (Morning Flow #1)

We have my lovely and generous friend Heather to thank for these silly socks.  They’re fleecy and warm and they look ridiculous worn with a skirt.  But hey, that’s what Sundays are for.

The running is going well here at Feels Like Flying headquarters!  I have to tell you, I’m feeling very nervous about the half-marathon in March because my long run distance is nowhere near where it needs to be for a 13.1-mile race.  I’m not really “racing” this race, but I’d still like to enjoy it and yes, (maybe, fingers crossed) even finish with a respectable time of less than 2:30.  My friend Christy is probably not running the half due to injury, though we’re going to continue to run together for fun and companionship, so I’m free to come up with the best race strategy for me.

Last night, after work, I headed out for a 5-6 mile run and clocked in with 50 minutes by the end of the run.  And it felt great!  I felt strong and reasonably fast for a long run, and it made me feel optimistic that the idea to run a half this year is not completely stupid.  My goal from now until the half is to run three days a week, with one of those runs an ever-increasing long run.  If I had no limits on my time, I’d run every other day, thus squeezing in an extra one or two long runs before the half, but that may be asking too much.  So three runs a week it is, and I’m hoping I can get in an 80-minute run by March 4.  I plan to use a run-walk strategy so that my recovery after the half will be faster, which in turn will let me run strong all spring long.


  1. Our half training sounds very similar! I'm up to six miles and they have been slow, but I'm plodding along. Running is much harder when it's not easy! ;)

  2. Good for you! Those plodding miles are hard. Running can feel more like a chore and less joyful and lighthearted. Here's hoping that you find your running groove again and soon :-)

  3. I did a 6 miler three weeks ago, but I need to get back in gear. I missed my long run when I was in Chicago due to poor planning and my long run last weekend because I was under the weather. I really need to do a 7 miler this weekend to get anywhere close to being back on track.

  4. Well, you've come to the right place: this is Running Anxiety Central! I have faith that you'll make that 7-miler happen. I always feel like once I've got all my running gear on, my run is half over, no matter how long the actual run :-)

    Good luck, friend, and stay positive!