Sunday, January 22, 2012

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New Shoes from the Top

New Shoes from the Side

Week of January 15, 2012:

Friday: Short run + 2x20 sec sprints

Saturday: Will bike for food

Week of January 22, 2012:

Sunday: LONG RUN!

First things first: check out my new running shoes!  I had long resisted buying pink running shoes, but this time, I gave in to the temptation, and here they are: my pink Brooks Adrenaline.  My old pair was also the Adrenaline line.  The new shoes seem a bit bulkier than the old ones, but the fit is good, so I have no complaints.

I took the new shoes on a test run (ride) by wearing them on Saturday when I biked to and from the grocery store.  They felt totally comfortable, so I decided to take a chance by wearing them on this week’s long run.  And while the shoes did fine, I was another story.  I’m not going to lie, dear readers: this was one slog of a run.  There were all sorts of reasons: I’ve been generally tired this weekend, it was hot and humid (for January, at least) and I was overdressed for the weather, and on Saturday night I whacked my knee on the coffee table so it was a little sore today.  I had to stop a few times to remove layers—I rolled up my running tights to make them into fake capris, and I took off my long-sleeve tee.  I wish I’d worn shorts and a tank top today!  But it was too late for hindsight, so I slogged my way through a slow 60-minute run.

You know, I don’t think every run can or should be easy.  Some runs will be slogs, and I believe that it’s during those runs we are building our endurance and indeed, proving to ourselves that we are runners.  Because it’s not always easy, and it’s not always fun.  I think that last point is probably true about most things worth pursuing in life.

Fortunately, at the end of long runs, there are hot showers, and stretching, and pizza.  Yum.

Sunday Lunch  

How were your long runs, friends?  Good, bad, sloggy?


  1. Good job of getting the run done even if it was a slog! My long run was pretty boring, because I did it on the treadmill. I decided I didn't want to brave single digits and and snowy paths.

    1. Thanks! About your run, I find that the treadmill takes a lot of discipline because you're running in place, so it's not as much fun as an outdoor run. I admire your dedication to winter training! It's much harder in the Frozen North :-)

  2. I hate sloggy runs, but you are right about pushing through and finishing them no matter what - this is where the mental training comes into play, and we all know running is just as much in your head as on your feet. :)

    1. Absolutely! Running helps us build muscle and character. And for those of us who are spazzes in real life (like, um, me), running is good training in focusing your efforts. I love that moment in a run or a race when you get that sense of tunnel vision that nothing else matters but finishing this task. It's almost freeing, that sense of single-minded purpose.

  3. Ha, I just read your post about a run that is a slog, and lo and behold I had just written a post about my run on Sunday called " Slog." To your run, temperature is very important, if you overheat you just cannot go at a steady pace. I am running into that problem even up here, because cold weather running gear is too warm! Oh, and snazzy shoes.

    1. Yes, temperature issues work both ways! I need to be more thoughtful about my running gear before heading out for my long runs.

      And now I'm off to read your new post, JD :-)

  4. And hey, look! I think I'm getting the hang of this "Reply" business. Maybe this means I'm not quite the old lady I think I am.