Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bouncing Back

Empty Acorns


Leggings plus Boots

Week of October 21, 2012:

Thursday: Off (off drinking wine again!)

Friday: Off (busy cooking a pasta dinner at Chez Moi)

Saturday: Bike ride to work and the grocery store

Total minutes run this week: 23.  [Insert sad face here!]

Week of October 28, 2012:

Sunday: “Long” run (40 minutes easy pace)

Well.  I totally did NOT meet my running goals last week, and here I must accept that I was beaten by biology.  Illness on top of grief meant that my body did not want to run.  Horrible coughing fits that interrupted my sleep made me say, “Enough is enough!  I have to get past this cough and get some good sleep before running becomes an option again.”

I took a few more days off from running and exercise in general, though I was still walking around and getting some pedometer points.  (I don’t actually own a pedometer but would love to see my daily step counts!)  Today I felt well enough and rested enough to tackle a run, and so off I went.  I was pretty intimidated about running after being away from it for too long.  (I think in three weeks, I ran just three times.)  To ease my fear, I told myself that I would run at an easy pace and I would listen to my body.  If my breathing felt too labored or if the run was a real struggle, then I would walk and/or cut my run short.  I set no time goal.  I just…ran.

And it felt great!  I was able to run at my easy pace for a total of 40 minutes, which surprised and delighted me.  There were a few stops in there for street-crossings, but otherwise, I kept an even pace.  It was so nice to be out there in the sunshine and the cool autumn air—I felt like a new person, finally able to enjoy my beloved running again.  I’m feeling much better about the prospect of running this week and hope to get at least one morning run done.  I miss that feeling of starting off the day on a positive note…not that oatmeal, coffee, and a hot shower aren’t positive notes too.  But when you get into a routine of morning runs, that sense of accomplishment makes the rest of the day easier.  Plus it makes my evenings feel more relaxed if I’m not trying to squeeze dinner and a run into that time.


  1. I can empathize. It's no fun to run when you're sick or exhausted. I think the rest was probably better for you. After all, you still had no problem with the 40 minuter! :)

    1. To be honest, I was starting to feel like I was hiding behind excuses for not running. "Oh, I'm sick!" "Oh, I'm too busy at work!" But as I read blog posts from my favorite running bloggers, I felt jealous! Jealous and still not able to face running. That's when I just had to let the running go and hope for the best when I felt healthier :-)

      The 40-minuter was a blessing. I might try for 50 this weekend!

    2. You know. Sometimes something has to give. And I've been there: envious of people's race and work out reports but too busy, sick, tired, injured to run. Running will be there when you're ready for it, like it was this weekend.