Saturday, October 27, 2012

Good Luck, Theresa!

Sisters and Aunties Together

My sweet little sister, Theresa, is running her first 5K tomorrow morning.  I could not be more excited for her!  (That’s Theresa, on the left up there, and me on the right.  Our older brother Charlie was behind the lens that day, a gorgeous September afternoon back in 2010.)

Theresa is a Certified Public Accountant and works loads of hours, wrangling numbers and corralling clients.  She started running a while ago, as a way to find fitness and burn off some stress.  Theresa travels quite frequently for work, too, which can make running a real challenge.  So she started on the treadmill, logging a few miles several times a week.  Treadmills are nice that way: most hotels have a little gym, and no matter what things look like outside, you can get your run on if you’ve got access to a treadmill.

Knowing how much Theresa was loving her treadmill runs, I asked her if she’d thought about taking her running outside.  As you all probably know, I love being outside and consider it a daily requirement.  Theresa and I talked about the challenges of running outside: traffic and mapping a route were her top concerns.  Without any input from me, she went for it and started running outside.  Michigan has pretty good outdoor running weather in three out of the four seasons—it helps if you are adventurous, of course, and the scenery outside makes it worth your effort to get outside.  I miss Michigan’s beauty quite a bit now that I live in Texas.  Running outside in Michigan is a real treat for me.

Anyway, Theresa conquered her fears of outdoor running.  She lives in a lovely neighborhood and has mapped out different running routes.  She uses a Nike app to track her pace and mileage.  Social butterfly that she is, she shares her work-outs on Facebook.  This is how I know she’s sticking with the running: I can spy on her via Facebook!  Muahahaha!  (That’s my evil science laugh, in case you couldn’t tell.)

Tomorrow she’ll be running the Wicked Halloween Run 5K in Plymouth, her first race EVER.  How fun is that?  I wish I could be there to cheer for her in person, or to run it with her, but since I’m down here and she’s up there, I’ll have to settle for this:

Good luck, Theresa!  Have a great run! 

I can’t wait to hear her race report.  If we’re lucky, she might even contribute a little something to this blog.  We’ll see.  A blogger can hope, right?

Happy running, everyone!


  1. What a sweet post!!! I'm pretty pumped. I bought a new moisture wicking fleece today (planned purchase) and impulse bought a pair of active wool tights. The tights are so nice that I'm hopefully going to get more tomorrow because they fit so nice and they can go under even my skinny jeans. I needed some new gear because my run yesterday ended up being very cold and very hot at the same time between the wind, sweating, and my other fleece. Here's hoping for a fun run tomorrow. I won't be in costume but there should be some good people watching. What details should go in my race report?? :-)

    1. Active wool tights? What are those? Where'd you go for your new gear?

      For your race report, you can include anything you like! I usually like to hear how the author felt about his or her race: good or bad, healthy or ill (or maybe just "off"), fast or slow. You can report your finishing time if you like. People also frequently include details about the race itself, like how well organized it was, crowd support, the fun swag like t-shirts and whatnot, the weather that day. Really, any details that seem relevant to YOUR experience of the race are welcome. I'm excited that you want to contribute! It will be my first guest race report.

  2. A race report is in the works, everyone! I'm so excited to share it with you when Theresa is done writing it.