Sunday, October 21, 2012


A Full Desk

Week of October 21, 2012:

Sunday: Bike ride to work and for groceries

I am declaring this week a fresh start.

Wow, I feel better just typing that!  This weekend I had a very good combination of work, rest, and play.  I had time for bike-riding, for grocery-shopping, and for a little Big Love.  This afternoon I had friends over for afternoon tea (or coffee!) and good snacks, then a few of us went out for an early Thai dinner.  I caught up on my finances and purchased my plane tickets for December.  I worked in the lab a bit, and I just finished prepping for my meeting tomorrow, so I’m feeling more or less ready to start the new week on the right foot.

My desk right now is almost as full as what you see above, and I’ve got a load of laundry going in the machine right now.  When you’re confronted with multiple challenges at one time, it can feel like the return to normalcy is a mountain that you’re trying to claw your way up.  That’s what last week felt like to me.  The relief I’m feeling tonight is palpable, like my grief and desperation are giving way to some peace.

In the interest of keeping up the momentum, here are my modest goals for the week:

1)  Two 30-minute runs.  I haven’t run in almost two weeks because of illness and lack of time.  This week, it’s back running.  If I’m feeling good, I’ll sneak in a third run.

2)  Buy a new coffee pot or maker.  My coffee pot died today.  I’m tempted to buy a French press!  Any thoughts on this very important issue?

3)  Hem the lining on that red skirt you see in the photo up there!  The skirt is a donation from my sister, and I love it.  The problem, she pointed out to me, is that the lining now hangs down below the hem of the skirt (possibly from some shrinkage in the dryer?  I’m not sure).  But I’m thinking maybe I’ll try hemming the lining tonight while watching Big Love on DVD.

4)  Write a letter to my niece Lydia.  She asked me to write to her as soon as I got back to Texas, and well, that didn’t happen, just like a lot of things didn’t happen.  But both her parents told me how much she loves getting real mail, and I am very happy to oblige.  I try to keep up with my role as the fun auntie.

I hope your week is off to a great start, dear reader!  Happy Sunday to you. 


  1. I'm so glad to hear that your grief is starting to at least partially abate. I hope you are over your nasty cold soon, too.

    I usually like to have a real pot in addition to a French press. In large part, this is because I love to entertain, and it's hard to make enough in the French press for more than a couple of people to have coffee at a time.

    1. Thanks, friend!

      You know, I think I might buy a French press now and ask for a coffeemaker for my birthday next month. Coffee monsters need their coffee now! But my family is always asking for gift ideas, and I have a hard time coming up with good ideas for back-to-back birthday and Christmas.

    2. By the way, did you hear about Starbucks's shortage of the spice mixture for pumpkin spice lattes? There are going to be riots in the streets, I tell you.

    3. No! I've only had 2 or 3 so far this season, but I was planning on having a couple while conferencing later this week. I better not be denied!

    4. Fingers crossed that the rumors are cruel and untrue...we need our PSL fix!

  2. I'm a lurker who hasn't commented on your site (I enjoy reading your updates about running, fitness, and life), but I wanted to drop you a note to let you know, I'm so very sorry for your loss. I wish you and your family peace as you deal with this. Best of luck this week as you work on these goals.

    And for the record - I have a French press, and I love it, but I also drink a lot of tea, and I like the French press because it lets the kettle do double-duty and saves on counter space.

    1. Hi, Kim! Thank you for your sweet comment and for following along. And thanks for your thoughts on the French press! I think I might try to buy one tonight. I've wanted a press for years now and feel I can give myself permission to buy one now that I have no coffee pot. And bonus: a French press can be used to press the grounds from cold-brewed coffee--hurray! :-)