Sunday, January 6, 2013

Feeling Ready…and Happy

Week of December 30, 2012:

Saturday: Bike ride to drop off library books and pick up groceries

Minutes run this week: 20 (sad trombone!)

Week of January 6, 2013:

Sunday: Long run + walk afterward (61 minutes of running, 33 minutes of walking)

This morning was cool, damp, and utterly refreshing, and I got to enjoy a great first-long-run-of-the-new-year in Texas’s version of wonderful winter weather.  I ran to campus and back (had to take care of the flies!), which is probably about 7-8 miles round trip.  Not wanting to overdo it, considering my lack of running in the last three weeks, I held my run time to 61 minutes and walked the rest home, which gave me 99 minutes total on my feet (including my warm-up).  That’s a lot of walking for me after a long run, but I am thinking of it as practice for the marathon this year.  Bonus: maybe I’ll be a tiny bit more ready for 70 minutes of running next weekend.

Today has been a lovely, lovely day.  In addition to a great run, I have been diligently working on the powerpoint for my talk on Thursday.  I’ve also got a soup simmering on the stovetop now, some lettuce waiting to be turned into salad, and a calm feeling heading into the workweek.  Last week kinda sucked, between the travel on Monday and then trying to get my head back into the game at work.  I eased myself into it, sleeping later than usual all week and indulging in my new DVD season of Big Love (season 3—holy moly! I could barely breathe during the final two episodes!).  Today I finally feel ready for work: my kitchen is restocked, I am well-rested, all illnesses have finally dissipated, and I’m actually thinking about my science again.  It’s going to be a good week.

Happy new week to you, my dears!


  1. Nice job with the long run after some time off! I'm glad to hear that you had a lovely weekend and feel healthy and sufficiently eased back into things.

    1. Thanks, Raquelita! I think this weekend was a big prep weekend for academics of all stripes. Everyone is like, "Oh my gosh, we're starting the semester for real! Must write syllabi, work on powerpoints, and remember how to be smart!"

      Happy Tuesday!