Sunday, April 7, 2013

An Off-Balance Week

Pretty Feets

Texas Pride in LaGrange_I Think

Saturday Outfit

Above: Wedding Feets, Texas Pride, and Saturday Casual.

Week of March 31, 2013:

Sunday: Short walk around the block (after hours in the car, driving back from south Texas)

Monday: Evening bike ride for groceries

Tuesday: Bike commute to work

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Off

Friday: Off, but I did clean my apartment a bit!  Does that count?

Saturday: Short bike ride for groceries + 20-min. run

Minutes run this week: 20.

Last week was not the best week for me.  I anticipated that it might be kinda hard, what with all the travel and festivities, and I always feel a bit wonky when I have a weekend away and then have to dive straight back into work on Monday.  But this week I was sick with some sort of intestinal weirdness.  On Tuesday and Thursday, I came home from work and went to bed straightaway: no dinner, no work-out, no nothing.  It’s not my usual routine, but man, 12 hours of sleep is a beautiful thing.

I managed to sneak a tiny bit of running into my week, so that was better than nothing, but it was, quite literally, almost nothing.  This week promises to be better, and I am recommitting myself to exercise and some quiet time.  This week I shall conquer the world!  Or maybe not…

Have a great week, darlings!


  1. I hope you're completely over your intestinal bug! They are pretty much the worse! Enjoy the running, quiet time, and conquests! :)

    1. I am! Finally--they really are the worst. Running and quiet time are going well this week, though tomorrow I may have to steal a few minutes to myself from my dinner guests ;-) Is that wrong?

      I hope your week is going well too!