Friday, April 19, 2013

Unprepared (a few thoughts on clothing)

Weekend Weather Screenshot 4_19_13 JPEG_cropped

{Screenshot from and cropped in Flickr}

I have moments when I am convinced that I am utterly unprepared for life.    For example, I do not know how to pack for a weather forecast with a freezing low and a balmy high.  What am I supposed to wear?!?  I’m heading to Austin this weekend to spectate a ballroom dance competition, and I can’t figure out how to pack my suitcase.  Also, what does one wear to spectate at ballroom dance competitions?  I’m guessing NOT a tailcoat, which is what my ballroom-dancing companion will be wearing.  I think I’ll just wear a dress and some tights.  Keepin’ it classy, people.

Oh, and a word on my use of the term “freezing.”  One of the side effects of living in Texas is that anything below 50 degrees F is freezing cold to me.  When you live in a really, really hot place, your body acclimates to the heat.  I’m surprisingly comfortable in 90-degree heat now (though running is still hard), but 45 degrees?  Oh, lordy, give me gloves and a hat and a scarf.  And a hot chocolate too, while you’re at it.

Am I the only one stumped by this in-between weather?  It’s neither winter nor quite spring in my mind.  At any rate, happy weekend, y’all!  I hope it’s a good one for you.


  1. Shorts and a T-shirt......problem solved! From Michigan with love!

    1. Ha, too true, JD! Hey, it's above freezing? Time to break out the summer clothing! :-)