Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Running Inspiration, Delivered

Hey guys!  How is your running going?

My running walking is going well, thanks for asking.  Today I got 106 minutes under the old feet on a steamy Texas day.  Plus I now have ingredients to make ice cream, and that combination is a win-win in my book.

As I’m starting to wrap my mind around the idea of 26.2 miles in one day (October 20, 2 months and 26 days from today, not that I’m counting or anything…), I’m hungry for running inspiration.  Fun, uplifting, motivating pieces.  Not crap advice on Pinterest.  (Seriously, am I the only person who feels like most of the fitness “inspiration” on Pinterest is just awful?  Maybe I am.)  So for today, how about a piece by Rachel Toor? 

“The Clarity of the Track”

Stay cool out there, folks!


  1. Rose-Anne, thanks for the shout-out. If you haven't already read it, Chris McDougall's Born to Run provides a lot of inspiration, even if you don't buy into the whole barefoot thing. After you run your first marathon, you might want to have more fun and do an ultra. Rachel

    1. Rachel, thank you for visiting and for leaving a comment! You seem to be implying that distance running is addictive, as in: the farther you go, the farther you WANT to do. We shall see :-) I once read a story about some friends who did a weekend of running in Colorado, going from one mountain town to the next, with margaritas and awesome dinners and fluffy beds as their rewards for the day of running. I think that might be my kind of ultra!

      PS Thank you for the inspiring story you wrote for the current issue of _The Chronicle of Higher Education_. Seeing abandoned projects as stepping stones to your next big success feels so much better than moping about failures.