Thursday, July 18, 2013

Shameless Other-Promotion

Lake Plus Mountain{First, a mountain to start your day right.}

I wanted to pop in today for a quickie recommendation: Chrissy’s bittersweet piece on her Texas home/yoga studio, Morning Glory.  I myself am in a bit of a home rediscovering mode after being on the road: five different states in six weeks.  It is joy and sadness to have a home that is far, far from where you live now.  I’ve always loved reading Chrissy’s pieces on yoga (this one is still a favorite), and “Om Is Where the Heart Is” is another reminder of how home is both a place and a feeling, a bond and a bridge.  Yoga, too, has a physical dimension and something more ineffable yet just as real: the feeling inside of coming back to yoga.

I too am coming back to yoga, finally unfurling my mat Monday night after weeks away from it.  It’s nice to begin reconnecting to all the things I left behind in my summer travels: quiet mornings alone, yoga before bed, buying groceries and new basil plants without counting the days until my next departure.  I wouldn’t trade my travels this summer for anything—it was an amazing experience, being able to live so intentionally and so bound by relationships—but I’m happy to be home again.  Or at least in the space that is home for now, nesting softly and happily.

PS  Chrissy, consider your link shared! xoxo


  1. This is such a sweet and flattering post! I'm so glad you liked the piece - it means so much that you shared it here. <3

    And I know what you mean about the lovely feeling of returning to a routine after a few adventures away. I think being happy in our day-to-day lives is harder than being happy on vacation, but so much more important.

    1. I loved the piece! :-) I'm always happy to read your work.

      You know, what's funny about traveling is that if you are really content in your everyday life, then traveling is a sacrifice. It's a *worthy* sacrifice in my mind, but a sacrifice no less. I wonder if that's why travel feels way less sexy to me than it does to other people...I never thought about it that way, but it makes sense to me.

      Or maybe we all sort of know deep down that traveling can be kind of a pain in the ass ;-)