Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week Fourteen: The Heat Rolls On

A few photos from my weekend…

Butter in Skillet

Pizza with Onions Ricotta and Figs

Lucy Loves a Good Reading Pile Too

{Lucy loves a good reading pile as much as I do.}

Week of September 9, 2013:

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Evening run, 39 minutes total with 30 minutes of running.

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Off

Friday: Longer evening powerwalk for dinner + groceries, 93 minutes total.

Saturday: Bike ride across town to hang out with friends

Sunday: Off (so…hot…)

Total miles run/walked this week: 9.8.  Total minutes: 132.

The heat got the best of me this week.  90+ degrees every day, temps close to 100…I’m melting just thinking about it.  Thank goodness this was a step-back week: the long work-out is only 60 minutes.  I ended up skipping it today (so lazy!), but I’ll get it done tomorrow evening.  Today was filled with lounging, cooking, cleaning, and some academic reading.  Tomorrow begins another work week and a busy weekend, as Paul and I are headed to Austin for some to-be-determined fun.

I had a good Saturday.  There was a lovely morning spent cooking at home, the evidence for which you can see above.  I popped in for a visit with some friends over the A & M football game, then Paul and I had a driving lesson followed by dinner and a movie.  I felt super inspired this weekend to start thinking about big dreams and five-year plan; I even started drafting notes on a new book idea.  Despite the neverending heat and the skipped work-out, it’s been a great weekend.  Here’s to carrying that momentum forward into the new week!

Have a wonderful new week, friends!

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