Friday, February 28, 2014

42 Miles in February!

42 in February

February 2014

Week 1: 10.9 miles run

Week 2: 6.3 miles run

Week 3: 17.3 miles run(!)

Week 4: 7.7 miles run


Hi!  I just wanted to pop in tonight to brag share with you some awesome news: I ran 42 miles in February!  It’s the first time that I’ve ever met a monthly mileage goal, and what a fun goal to meet.

Why, I wonder, are running goals so satisfying to reach?  My best guess is that running is something we do for ourselves.  It’s the best kind of selfishness, because I think most runners would tell you that running is a way of taking care of themselves, which makes each runner better at the other things in his or her life.  Since we do it to take care of ourselves, most of our running goals are positive selfish ones.  Call it a paradox, but I think there is something wonderful about pursuing running goals.  They seem pure to me.  The best prize in reaching a running goal is the feeling of accomplishment, the “I can do ANYTHING!” feeling that always seems to follow.  At least it does for me.

Knowing how hard I can be on myself, I feel utterly justified in celebrating my 42 February miles.  I’m aiming for 40+ miles in March too, and I’ll start that off on a great note with the half-marathon on Sunday.

See you after the race, friends!  Happy weekend!

PS  I voted today.  Did you?

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