Friday, February 14, 2014

All the News that’s Worth Sharing

Scarf from Courtney

Scarf Closer Up

Sleepy Lu

Week of February 3, 2014:

Monday: Evening run.  46 minutes total, 35 minutes of running.

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: Biked to and from campus

Thursday: A little DIY yoga

Friday: Another run.  50 minutes total, 37 minutes of running.

Saturday: Short afternoon run.  24 minutes total, 11 minutes of running.

Sunday: Another short afternoon run.  31 minutes total, 26 minutes of running.

Total minutes walked/ran: 151.  Estimated miles: 13.7.

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweet readers!  This week Paul and I celebrated our one-year anniversary: it’s been one year since our first date.  We’ve been celebrating for the past few days, mostly with food because that’s our style.  Wednesday night, Paul picked up takeout from Taz, the Indian restaurant in town and one of our favorite places to eat.  I had made ice cream in anticipation of making an ice cream pie for our anniversary on Thursday, but I couldn’t resist the chance to share it with Paul after Indian food.  So I spoiled the surprise, and we ate ice cream while watching 30 Rock and relaxing on the couch.

On Thursday, I made more ice cream (because I am ridiculous) and a giant oatmeal cookie in a pie plate.  For dinner proper, I made another one of our favorites, a vegetarian riff on Melissa Clark’s black bean dish from Cook This Now, which we doctored up with chili-garlic-flavored Cholula.  After we’d eaten our vegetables (and our protein, and our rice), we ate slices of oatmeal cookie topped with vanilla ice cream and some fresh raspberries.  The combination was fantastic—an edible Valentine, made with love.  This morning, I sent Paul home with several slices of cookie.  Feeding him makes me happy. 

In other news, my friend Courtney knitted me the beautiful scarf/shawl you see in the first two photos up there.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  My photos don’t quite capture the depth of colors in the yarn; it’s forest green with blue/pink/violet shades in it.  I’m learning how to pair it with existing pieces in my closet.  So far, I’ve been using white and pink to let the scarf really shine, plus a pink top brings out the pink in the scarf.

In running news, I broke my running streak on Wednesday this week because my day was packed from 6:30 AM to 8 PM.  I was tutoring from 5-8 PM, and I didn’t want to be too tired to be coherent, so I opted for a little more sleep and no running.  I did ride my bike to campus, which was great.  I’m a little bummed to have broken my streak so soon (I only lasted five days!), but I was back in action yesterday.  I’m enjoying this run-every-day experiment.  Running is SUCH a good stress-reliever; even jumping on the treadmill for 20 minutes leaves me feeling happier.

Let’s see, what else is going on?  Yesterday at Kohl’s, I found a pair of pants that are almost as soft as sweatpants but look like grey skinny jeans.  They’re awesome; I’m going to wear them to work today.  And lucky me—they were on clearance for $12!  I had been wanting a pair of grey skinny pants (I love Tania’s grey cords—RIP, favorite style blog), so I’m pretty thrilled to have found such a soft, comfortable option.  If you are on the market for something similar, get thee to a Kohl’s!

And now, it’s after 11 AM on a Friday.  I’m going to head into my lab job for a few hours to make things happen and write a review on DNA polymerase for a $25 Amazon gift card(!).  I buy items from Amazon so often that an Amazon card is as good as cash in my world.

Happy Friday! <3


  1. Woohoo for one year of dates and good food shared! Happy belated V Day!

    1. Happy day to you too, my dear! Thanks for your hurrahs--we're pretty happy with the outcome of our lunch at Jin's Asian Cafe a year ago :-)