Sunday, February 16, 2014

Thoughts on a Semi-successful Running Streak

Weeknight Sunset

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Patio Sitting

Week of February 10, 2014:

Monday: Evening treadmill run.  21 minutes total, 11 minutes of running. 

Tuesday: Evening treadmill run. 22 minutes total, 11 minutes of running.

Wednesday: Biked to and from campus (no run today).

Thursday: Bike ride for errands + Early evening run outside!  32 minutes total, 20 minutes of running.

Friday: Off (doh—another running streak fail).

Saturday: Late morning run.  34 minutes total, 21 minutes of running + Bike date with Paul.

Sunday: Off (short walk to and from tutoring, did a few push-ups…). 

Total minutes walked/ran: 109.  Estimated miles: 9.4.

As my title indicates, my attempt at a running streak was semi-successful: from last Friday through yesterday (Saturday), I ran on seven of those nine days.  Not too shabby for someone who doesn’t usually run more than three days a week!  In addition, as you can see above, I rode my bike three times for various things, including an absolutely lovely bike date with Paul.

After I started my streak, I wondered to myself, What exactly is the point of a running streak?  I suppose for each person who starts one, the answer might be different.  For me, it was an attempt to lower the activation energy of going for a run.  My problem is always, ALWAYS that it’s hard to get out the door.  I have a good track record for completing runs once I start them.  I think in all my years of running, I’ve only aborted two runs and both occasions were injury-related.  But oh, to get out the door—that takes more energy than it should.  I’d like for it not to be the case.

Now I’m looking forward and HOLY SHIT, I have a half-marathon in two weeks.  I need to crank out some long runs ASAP.  I’ve been lazy about long runs.  Part of that is not wanting to be exhausted when I tutor on Sunday nights.  The other part is just not being in the long run habit.  I’m hoping my fitness level is high enough that I can maybe, MAYBE, squeeze three long runs into my days before the half.  We shall see…keep your fingers crossed.  I’m planning to do my next long run tomorrow in the early evening, as soon as I get home from work.  Hold me accountable, please!

Happy new week, everyone!


  1. Well, you know your body best, but squeezing in a lot of miles right before the race might end up being counterproductive for a good race performance.

    Getting out the door or onto the treadmill sometimes takes more energy for me than it should as well. Frequently I'll tell myself that I'll run after I just finish grading a few more papers or writing another page or reading another chapter, and then by the time I'm done with that it's time for dinner or to pick up Mark from work or get showered and head to campus.

    1. Hmm, yes, that's a good point. I did seven running miles today and feel pretty good; I'll definitely get at least one more long run in without taxing my body. I might do a third long work-out but do some power-walking instead of running, so I get more time on my feet with some variety in the exercise. I'm pretty undertrained for this race, so it won't be one of my best. But it will still be fun, and I'm glad that it's motivating me to get out there and run.

      Gah, that "one more thing" phenomenon is so hard to resist! Especially when there is always more work to do, which is almost always the case for academics.