Saturday, July 24, 2010

Be Free, Be Brave

Saturday’s Run (7/24/10)

For me, there is no comparison between running on a treadmill and running outside.  After weeks of treadmill-only running, today I seized the moment, laced up my sneakers, and ran outside.  It was glorious!

The sky was filled with clouds and occasionally a raindrop or two was slipping out of them.  Hidden behind the clouds was the sun.  Without the sun beating down on us from its perch in the sky, I thought that I might be comfortable enough to sweat outside.  My hope was that I could do a quick ten-minute run before the sun came back out in full force.  My plan worked: I did an around-the-neighborhood loop that gave me enough distance for ten minutes of running plus a few minutes of walking to warm up and cool down.  Those running minutes were hard, even though I went slow—I can tell that the treadmill is not quite cutting it for me.  But it will do until September or October, when I will resume longer runs outside.

Today was a nice reminder of all that I love about running outside: the smell of the air, the rhythm of my feet carrying me forward over the ground, that big Texas sky overhead.  It’s such an escape for me, for my mind and my body.  I run for peace of mind; anything on top of that is the cream cheese frosting on the mocha cake.

May our feet always feel fast and our legs strong.  Run happy!

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