Sunday, July 25, 2010

Intentions versus Reality

Sunday’s Yoga (7/25/10)

I want to like this Power Yoga #2 class.  Really, I do.  The title sounds like it’s going give me such a great work-out that I cannot help but love the idea.  Unfortunately, I cannot say I like this class.

At best, I would say this class has potential.  It’s not totally awful.  It is hard to follow because it is an audio-only class, although there is a pose guide that you can pause the class in order to consult if you are confused.  I looked over the poses before starting the class and paused it once to check a pose that was not clear to me.  It was warrior 2!  I know warrior 2!  Why didn’t the instructor just say warrior 2?  I find myself annoyed with moments like these during the class: the instructions are not clear but it’s a pose I know and could do, if only the instructor would just say the damn name!

It is not in the spirit of yoga to feel frustrated with a class—a FREE class.  It makes me feel really ungenerous to say these things.  At the beginning of the class, there’s even a breathing sequence during which the instructor asks you to give your practice today an intention (breathe in) and then let that intention out into the world (breathe out).  My intentions were grace and strength.  That’s what I’m always striving for, always trying to accomplish: to move through this world with grace and strength.  The reality is that sometimes I’m clumsy and messy and even weak.  Like today.  My arms and legs were exhausted by this yoga class—even downward dog made me ache.  I may have had low blood sugar.  To add to my woes, there are poses in this class that I can hold for about two seconds, such as the forward and lateral leg extensions.  Oof!  I want to try those again, on my own, because I think developing more one-legged balance will be good for my leg strength.  And after all, I am a runner, so strong legs are essential.

To replenish my blood sugar, I had the best snack after yoga: a strawberry-banana smoothie and a little ramekin of homemade granola.  It was perfect.  Snack time is the best.  Better than yoga, even.

Sunday Snack Time

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