Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Running Underneath a Blanket of Clouds

Monday’s Run (7/26/10)

Will wonders never cease?  I ran outside last night.  Wow.  It was awesome.  A storm system had drifted into the area, bringing with it rain, clouds, and cooler temperatures.  I must have been working when the rain fell in the afternoon; I saw puddles and clouds when I left work but the rain had stopped.  All the signs pointed to one thing: run outside now.

And so I did.  It’s hard for me to run outside these days.  My legs feel rusty, despite my treadmill running, but still, I was overjoyed to be outside, running, in Texas in July.  I was definitely not counting on any outdoor running this summer, so every time I get a few minutes of it, I am thrilled to pieces.  And so I run, slowly, a little painfully, and I think about how in a few months, every run can be outside.  I can’t wait.

Last night I ran an “easy” (meaning slow) 20 minutes out and back.  I was quite pleased that I ran without stopping, as one of my goals for the half-marathon is to take fewer walking breaks, which I think will be key to my reaching my big goal: to break two hours.  Right now, I cannot even imagine running for two hours, walking breaks or not, but I know it will happen.  Every enormous goal is really just a thousand tiny goals that add up to something great.  Last night was 20 minutes of goal-reaching one-foot-in-front-of-the-other running, no matter how slow it was.  It felt great.  Let’s do it again!

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