Thursday, March 8, 2012


Making Rice Pudding

Chocolate Chips

Red Heart Thingie

Week of March 4, 2012:

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: DIY yoga

Thursday: Bike commute (back to regular exercise!)

One of the exciting things in the post-race period is that every day, you can look forward to your legs feeling less stiff and more normal.  On Monday and Tuesday, I was walking with an odd gait in which I tried not to walk with my thighs because my thigh muscles took the brunt of Sunday’s race.  My knees and everything below felt fine, but my thighs screamed in protest if I flexed them.  So I tried not to do that!

On Wednesday, I felt pretty good—almost back to normal!—and today I feel mostly fine.  I even biked today, which I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do.  But I did, and it was fine!  Well, it was fine except for the Texas-style weather: muggy and warm this morning, translating to a sweaty bike ride.  This evening was terrible.  I left work with a light drizzly rain falling from the sky, which quickly morphed into heavy, spitting rain, and I think there was even hail!  The rain/hail pelted me, smeared my eyes with moisture (rain is always a problem for contact lenses), and drenched me.  On top of that, it was cold.  Really cold.  Thank heavens I was wearing my tall boots, which kept my legs warm, but otherwise I was kind of miserable.  Happily, I arrived home in one piece, stripped out of my wet clothes, and put on cozy pajamas.  Then for dessert, I made rice pudding out of some leftover brown rice, which I topped with chocolate chips and shredded coconut.  It was a really lovely impromptu sweet—I’m still feeling good about that off-the-cuff miracle.

It’s almost the weekend, my dears!  I hope Friday treats you right.


  1. When I commute, I usually ride a folding bike in case the weather changes during the day (especially in the winter). If it does and I'm not prepared, I just take the bike home with me on the bus, and then ride in again the next day.

    1. Hi, Will, and thanks for your comment. Your folding bike is a great idea. In my case last night, I really underestimated what the weather would throw at me over the course of a 30-40 minute bike even with a folding bike, I may have still opted to ride! Because I'm stubborn like that :-)

      Happy riding to you!

  2. Sorry about the cold and wet commute! Your improvised rice pudding (coconut!) sounds amazing, though! I'm sure it cured all or came damn near close to doing so.

    1. I think there's nothing that rice pudding cannot cure. It is miracle food, for sure :-) And thanks for your sympathy. I know that to be an outdoor exerciser and commuter means being exposed to the weather, and I would definitely choose that over an insulated, indoor lifestyle. But man, sometimes my commitment to outdoor exercise is rough!