Sunday, March 4, 2012

Yogic Intentions

Fuzzy Woods

Week of February 26, 2012:

Friday: DIY yoga before bed

Saturday: Running errands via bicycle

First, a disclaimer: I stole that photo from the archives, May 2011 to be exact.  But I like it because it seems to express visually the way things feel right now—a bit dark and fuzzy, yet with a light that can be seen through the uncertainty.  When you look at that photo, you can’t help but see the light.  In fact, because the photo is fuzzy, I think the light catches your eye more easily than the blurred images of tree trunks and green leaves.

On Friday night, I stepped onto my mat to do some yoga before bed, figuring that the stretching would be good for my pre-race body.  Once on the mat, I immediately thought of Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and the way she emphasizes intention as a guiding principle in our lives.  In other words, seek not perfection but rather stay true to your intentions.  I stood there, my bare feet on the mat, and silently I declared that my intention was to bring peace and compassion to myself and others.  And yes, I thought of Matt and how it is not easy to be patient with him when being patient means letting him go, at least for now.  So I asked for peace and compassion for him too.

It felt really good, both the intentions and the yoga.  I stretched and I breathed, and I enjoyed the quiet solitude of my candlelit apartment.  When I finished, I felt calmer than I have in days.  Perhaps all yoga should start with a nod toward intentions.

PS In case you were wondering, why, yes, indeed, I DID run 13.1 miles this morning!  And it was good.  More about that soon, very soon.  First, I think I need more coffee.


  1. I have been so into yoga lately. I go through phases with it. My practice is consistent, but sometimes it's all I want to do and this is one of those times. I also love intentions when it comes to yoga. I usually set one before practice, and it usually makes everything just a little bit better.

    1. I really love the idea of making intention a part of my practice. Usually I use yoga as a peaceful escape from my ever-chattering mind, and that's invaluable to me. But to open up the space to think of my yoga with intention gives it a prayer-like quality that seems so beautiful to me. I'm going to keep this in mind, on and off the mat.

      PS I love that you are so into yoga these days! It is devotion in the very best sense :-)