Friday, March 2, 2012

Tapering, with Gratitude

Cool Right

Blue on Blue

Bare Legs Seriously

Week of February 26, 2012:

Monday: Off (off baking cookies for my broken heart)

Tuesday: Short run (35 minutes)

Wednesday: Bike commute (with photographic evidence above!)

Thursday: Off

First, I want to say thank you for your sweet comments on my last post.  I was feeling very fragile earlier this week, and though nothing has changed with regard to Matt, at least I’m feeling a little more whole today.  There’s just no getting around that things suck right now for him, and by extension, for me with him.  Thank you for your sympathy and your stories—your kindness makes me feel hopeful.

I’m not ready for it, but my half-marathon is on Sunday, and by God, I am going to run it.  This week I’ve been doing an unintentional taper because I’ve just been so busy at work and at home that exercise hasn’t been quite the priority it usually is.  Knowing that I’m going to run 13.1 miles on Sunday makes me feel like this taper is perfectly fine—maybe my legs will be well-rested and I’ll run better than I am predicting!  That would be nice.  I know the universe doesn’t owe me anything, but I could really use a boost after last weekend.  Since I am being ever so kind and patient with Matt, maybe the universe could give me a good race on Sunday?  Pretty please?


  1. Keep hanging in there, my friend! I can't wait to hear how the race goes this weekend!

    1. My reply is really late, but thanks, friend! If anyone has demonstrated the rewards of persistence lately, it is you. xoxo!