Sunday, April 8, 2012

Birds and Butterflies

Week of April 1, 2012:

Friday: Off

Saturday: Bike ride + grocery shopping on two wheels

Week of April 8, 2012:

Sunday: Long run!  40 minutes nonstop, comfortable pace.

No, not birds and bees, birds and butterflies.  I didn’t see any bees today, and there will be no naughty business in this post.  Scout’s honor.

I went for a really awesome, mind-clearing run this morning.  As you may recall, in the last three months or so, running has become my new rock, something that I rely upon to keep me on an even keel.  Exercise in general is my antidote to stress, but there’s something about the intensity of running that has been the perfect counterweight to the upheaval in my life.  I can be rather lazy, and maintaining a regular running routine is something with which I struggle.  But this week, my plan is to run three times, and then do it again next week, and the week after…in other words, I want my rock back.

Back to this morning.  It was gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous, and not too hot.  The birds were chattering to each other, and butterflies were floating around.  The butterflies in fact seemed to be pacing me as they touched down alongside my path and then floated ahead of me, effortlessly, as I chased after them.  Spring really is a magical season in Texas.

On a totally unrelated note, I need your opinions, dear readers.  Yesterday my friend Christy and I went to Plato’s Closet for some excellent secondhand shopping, and I bought this shirt.  Today, I think I’m dressed like a Boy Scout.  What do you think?

Dressed Like a Boy Scout Perhaps

(I apparently have a deep love for patterned shirts from Forever 21, as I now own three.  Three!  But I’ve bought all of them secondhand, for 5 or 6 bucks each.  Not too shabby, eh?)

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