Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Two in a Row!?!

Empty Pool_Bummer

Flowers and Feet

Happy Palm Trees

Week of April 8, 2012:

Monday: Short run (25 min.)

Tuesday: Bike ride commute

BIG NEWS THIS WEEK: I ran two days in a row.  And I didn’t die!

I can’t remember the last time I ran two days in a row, so this week is a momentous one.  Also momentous: the submission of both of the grants that I’ve been working on for over three months!  I was so happy, even triumphant, about completing the grants that I came home on Monday and had to celebrate by going for a run.  It was a nice one, too—my legs felt solid and the pace was good, not too fast and not too slow.  I wonder if I could get into this habit of running on consecutive days…it might help with my consistency if I had more of a streak each week.

I didn’t run today, so I suppose my streak for now is only two days.  It’s nice, though, that since my goal is to run three days a week, I’ve already knocked out two runs and it’s only Tuesday!  In other news, my apartment pool sadly remains empty.  They’re supposed to be fixing the pool, but it’s been empty for weeks now.  I feel a pool kinda mood coming on—I’m ready for a swimsuit and some water.  Until the pool is fixed, I’ll just have to enjoy the poolside flowers, which smell amazing, and the palm trees, which are incredibly happy after all the rain we got this winter.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen the palm trees look so green and perky here!  I’m glad they’re happy—usually they look desiccated and sickly, with brown leaves and sad faces.  Okay, palm trees don’t have faces, but if they did, they would be smiling right now.

A question for you, dear readers: do you like to run on consecutive days?  Do you ever get into the habit of running every day and then feel awful when you have to break the chain?


  1. I don't often run two in a row, unless I'm marathon training. Right now, I really like the three-runs-a-week approach, mostly because I love other things as much as I love running (yoga, aerobics, weights), and it can be hard to fit everything in! (Obviously, this is a first world problem.)

  2. Like Chrissy, I don't usually run multiple days in a row unless I'm in the midst of marathon training. To be honest, I think my joints are happier when I alternate with cross-training for the most part. It's also tricky to fit runs in on consecutive days because of the way my teaching schedule is this semester.