Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Single Goal for June’s 10K Race

Flowers and Rock

Week of April 8, 2012:

Wednesday: Off (having fun with JD and The Wife!  His Wife, not my Wife.)

Thursday: Bike commute + grocery shopping

Friday: Short run (25 minutes, I think)

Saturday: Bike ride + more grocery shopping

Week of April 15, 2012:

Sunday: More bike riding, this time for toilet paper(!?!)

Monday: Long run (40 minutes)

Tuesday: Bike ride commute

Wednesday: Off eating veggie burgers and sweet potato fries with friends at Grub

Whew! I didn’t mean to miss our unofficial date on Sunday, and by “date,” I mean blog post.  I was wiped out this weekend.  Last week was eventful: my grants were submitted, JD and Anne surprised me with a visit to College Station, and I started to mentally transition back into my normal research-and-experiments routine.  When you’ve finished a major project at work, I think it’s hard to shift gears into something different, and I’m still trying to find my groove again.  I’ll get there, especially now that I have a new plan for my experiments.

But I won’t torture bore annoy make you listen to me talk about my job.  That’s what my colleagues are for!  They have to put up with me—it’s in their contracts.  (I’m so blessed to have good co-workers who put up with me, even if the testosterone:estrogen ratio is extremely high.)  I’ll just say it’s been a good week for exercise: the weather has been beautiful, I’ve been excited to get outside and run, and the running has been good.  Monday’s long run was really nice, and I’m feeling ready to bump the long run up to 50 minutes this weekend.  I want to be in good shape for June’s 10K, which I registered for recently.  And a 10K means I need to be running 60-70 minutes on my long runs in order to have a good race!

JD and I are running this one together.  We haven’t talked about it, but I plan on running it with him and not worrying about my time.  I expect he’ll give me a good run for my money because he’s faster and stronger than he realizes.  More than anything, I just want to have a fun race.  It’s been a long, long time since I’ve raced with a friend, and I think it’s going to be awesome.

And so: long runs ahoy!

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  1. I thank you for your company. I am hoping to get under 10 min/mile on that race specifically, so you are going to have to nudge me along :). Should be good times.