Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Think I Broke My Butt

Week of July 22, 2012:

Saturday: 8-minute morning run + 2x20 second sprints + Bike ride for groceries

Total minutes run this week: 88

Week of July 29, 2012:

Sunday: Long run (45 minutes)

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Short morning run (20 minutes)

Wednesday: Bike ride for groceries

Thursday: Short morning run (20 minutes)

Whew!  This update is lengthy because I’ve been so excited about races that I haven’t posted a work-out update in about a week.  In short, things are going well.  It’s hot as Hades down here now, so I’m doing my best to run in the morning as early as possible.  On Sunday, I definitely got out later than I would have liked, and I paid the price.  The run that day was hard, and I didn’t feel terrific.  But I was able to find a rhythm and enjoy some of that meditative running during my work-out.  I really, really wished that I had brought water with me because I was so parched at the end (and I ended at a nearby park, not at my apartment), but I did manage to make it home without incident.

Because summer in Texas is such a challenging time for running, I have low expectations for my summer running.  My main goal is to build the base, to get some miles under my feet so I can head into fall stronger and faster.  I do think I’m accomplishing that, so I’m okay with slow, sloggy miles during these hot, hot days.  Unfortunately, this week I noticed that my tailbone feels very tender, and certain sitting positions hurt.  This happens to me sometimes when I’m running more miles, and I have been known to retreat to the elliptical machine to get a running-like work-out without the pounding.

I feel pretty confident that it’s just some minor bone bruising from running and possibly from sitting on my bum while biking.  So I didn’t really break my butt, but I will be monitoring it to make sure the pain doesn’t get worse.  If it does, I may hit the elliptical to buy myself some healing time.  We’ll see!


  1. Oh, no! I hope your butt isn't broken and that a few days of using the elliptical gives it a chance to heal. Take it easy out there and stay cool, my friend!

    1. Oh, thank you, dear! I am going to take your advice and hit the elliptical machine today instead of the sidewalk. I really want to do my Sunday long run outside, so hopefully everything will feel fine for that tomorrow :-)