Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Week of August 5, 2012:

Friday: Short bike ride home from the bike shop

Saturday: Short bike ride for groceries + 20 min. on elliptical + Dog-walking at Lick Creek Park with Erin, Darwin, and Dixie

Total minutes run this week: 85.

Week of August 12, 2012:

Sunday: Bike ride for groceries

Monday: Yoga (Dave Farmar’s Baptiste Power Vinyasa #3)

Tuesday: Morning run (20 minutes)

You’ll notice that there was no long run on Sunday, which is highly unusual for me.  The reason is, I think, equal parts reasonable and silly: I was out of almond milk and needed to get to the grocery store (grocery list FAIL! I apparently forget that the point of putting something on the list is that I need to buy it at the store.).  I decided that in the wake of all the exercise on Saturday, I wasn’t up for several miles of bike-riding and a long run in the August heat, so I skipped the long run.

So now what?  I’ve been debating with myself what to do to make up those miles.  Wake up extra early to do a long run?  Hit the treadmill for an hour?  Let myself off the hook?  I think I’m going to try to meet my mileage goal this week (85-100 minutes of running), whether that means several shorter runs (like this morning) or carving out time for a longer run.  It’s really hard for me to do a longer run outside during the work week because running long on an empty stomach makes me very nervous, and getting up at 5 AM to run is not at all appealing.  And I feel like an evening long run is not even an option, with the 100-degree temps we’ve had lately.

Clearly the right answer is that August needs to hurry up and get the heck out of here, because the heat puts a serious crimp in my outdoor exercise routines!  Realistically, because I’m building up a base right now, missing a long run isn’t a huge setback.  And all runners encounter challenges in their training schedules, so we have to be flexible enough to deal with the unexpected.

But seriously: 17 days left in August!  Almost halfway done!


  1. I don't know. I think a lack of almond milk is a dire situation indeed, and that whatever can be done to rectify it must be done! :)

    I'm also glad August is on it's way out! September will be so nice, even though it'll still be in the 90's. We're getting closer!

    1. Hee hee! I agree! :-) Seriously, though, the difficulty of planning outdoor exercise right now is starting to bum me out. There's just no flexibility because the heat is unwilling to negotiate with me.

      Woo-hoo, September! You're right: September is still very hot in the South, but I think mentally, knowing that August is behind us is very encouraging.

      Stay cool out there, Chrissy!