Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summertime Hibernating

Post-run Legs

Week of August 19, 2012:

Saturday: Bike ride to the lab and for groceries

Total minutes run this week: 75.

Week of August 26, 2012:

Sunday: Long run (45 minutes)

It’s a weekend for hibernating, and for two very good reasons.  The first is that I think I’ve been fighting off a cold or an infection.  I have been feeling unusually tired, and it's been a bit of a struggle to get up for my morning runs and then feel perky for the rest of the day.  The second is that the fall semester starts tomorrow, which means it’s crazytown around here.  SO MANY PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!  Good-bye, quiet summer and peaceful streets.  See you again at Thanksgiving.

I’ve been laying low, trying to rest and recharge my batteries.  There’s been some good food, some Big Love on DVD, and some toenail-painting.  And this morning, there was a nice long run, done in the heat and humidity that one expects from Texas.  Our cool spell appears to be over (another reason to hibernate!), and I set out for my 45-minute run around 10 AM, I think.  I had a hard time getting myself out the door, but once I did, my run was good.  I reminded myself that Sunday runs are all about LSD: Long Slow Distance.  Today was not about speed—it was just about being out there, trotting along, letting the minutes tick by.  I think by emphasizing the Slow part of LSD, I was able to have a pretty good run, one that left me feeling accomplished but not demolished.

I admit that I’m a little bummed that my running mileage was so low last week, but I did a lot of bike-riding too.  Fitness-wise, it was a good week, so I should probably not be too hard on myself that I ran less last week than I have in several weeks.  I know that I backed off intentionally to ward off the illness that I seem to be incubating, so maybe I should be patting myself on the back for not being stupid about my training!  This week I’m hopeful that I can hit 100 minutes, with two 20-minute morning runs and a speed work-out on the treadmill.  Actually, if all goes as planned, I’ll be a little over 100 minutes, which would also be just fine with me.

Happy week to you!


  1. Today was the first day of classes here and traffic was a nightmare. Unfortunately, I had to drive because I lost my faculty ID and had to go get a new one made so that I can ride the bus the rest of this week (and semester). So I empathize with that very good reason to be laying low. I hope you quickly fight off whatever bug or fatigue you had going on this past week!

    1. Hey friend! Oof, what a way to start the semester--I'm glad you survived it. That feeling when you realize that you've lost your ID is just THE WORST.

      I think I'm still not quite 100%, but the good news is that I don't think my condition is going to get worse. I just feel a bit more fatigued than usual, like today I felt like I had the longest morning ever. I was so relieved to finally get to work and stay inside the cool, air-conditioned building. Whew.