Thursday, August 30, 2012

Flying Toward Friday

Crane in Sky

Big Drill

Me_Hi Again

Week of August 26, 2012:

Monday: Yoga (Dave Farmar’s Baptiste Power Vinyasa Flow #3)

Tuesday: Morning run (20 minutes) + Evening bike ride for groceries

Wednesday: Speed work-out on the treadmill (a 25-minute ladder series—the same one I posted here)

Thursday: Off

It’s been a crazy week around here since all the college students have returned and class is back in session.  Even though I’m neither a student nor a professor, the first week of classes is always nuts because everyone forgets how to drive, how to be polite, and how to wait for their turn.  For those of us locals who are here year-round, through the summer and all the holiday breaks, it’s really hard to adjust to the more crowded, hectic way of life when class is in session.

(How many days until Thanksgiving?!?)

On a more positive note, I’ve had a great week in two very good ways.  The first is that I’ve had an especially productive week at work, putting together (most of) the figures for my first-author paper!  It’s very exciting and satisfying work.  The second is that I’ve had a good running week, clocking 90 minutes already, including a speed work-out!  I’m hoping to get one more running work-out in tomorrow morning, which will require me to get up early to get it done. 

As Coach Eric Taylor would say, “Git ‘er done!”  So that’s what I’m going to do.

PS  My side of campus has been undergoing major construction, and today’s photos provide some evidence.  Check out that drill!  Whoa. 

PPS  I loved Friday Night Lights, and I’m so glad I didn’t watch it until after I moved to Texas.  It was even better, I think, viewed through the eyes of a new Texas resident.  Clear eyes full hearts!  Or another interpretation: Clear Thesis Strong Analysis Can’t Lose.

Happy almost Friday, y’all!


  1. Have you seen the Coach Taylor is disappointed in your academic performance tumblr?!? It's priceless.

    I might have to try that ladder workout sometime soon.

    1. Hee hee! Yes, I love that tumblr--I linked to it at the bottom of my post, and sometimes I click over to it when I need a little academic pick-me-up.

      I find ladder work-outs--either paced on the treadmill or as self-determined pick-ups during an outdoor run--to be my favorite kind of speed work-out. I have a hard time gauging paces between an easy jog and almost-sprinting, and a ladder work-out helps me do some speedwork without going too fast on the first rep. Maybe ladder work-outs ultimately help you run negative splits by teaching you not to go out too hard too fast?