Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday, with Heat and New Sundresses

Week of August 26, 2012:

Friday: Morning run (20 minutes)

Saturday: Errands by bike

Total minutes run this week: 110 {High five!}

Week of September 2, 2012:

Sunday: More errands by bike

I skipped my long run today because I wasn’t feeling well and I had a ton of errands to do this weekend.  I don’t like to complain too much on my blogs because blah—who wants to listen to complaints when they could be looking at pretty things or reading something nice?  So let’s just say that my hormones and the weather conspired against me today, and I felt that it was best to get stuff done and hope I can squeeze in some good running later this week when I’m feeling better.

On the plus side, last week was my highest mileage week in a long time!  I ran 110 minutes or an estimated 10-12 miles.  Woo-hoo!  Also on the plus side, I’ve had a nice afternoon puttering at home: I got some work done, talked to a dear old friend, roasted some frozen rhubarb to make this recipe, and I’m wearing a new sundress.  My niece is turning six this month, and I couldn’t resist buying this dress for her:

Lydia's Dress 

I immediately fell in love with the pretty stripes and ruffly collar.  Then I saw they had large sizes, and I thought about buying an auntie-sized version for myself…so I did.

New Dress Sunday Hair

I went with the grey version because I like grey with stripes.  I also like that the color scheme here will work with many of my cardigans.  This dress isn’t warm enough to wear at work by itself, but certainly I can layer a sweater over it and add boots when the temps start to cool off.  (Hurry up, fall!)  But for today, it’s just a simple sundress and Sunday hair—air-dried and unstyled, other than a comb-through.

(You may be wondering how it is that I can shop for myself and my niece in the same department.  The answer is that I am apparently the same size as a very large child—my dress is an XL from the kids’ department.  It’s not a perfect fit for my curves—from the side, you can see my bra a little bit—but other than that, it fits me pretty well.  I suppose this means I haven’t grown much since I stopped buying most of my stuff in the kids’ department when I was a preteen.  Or rather, I’ve grown out, in my hips and chest, but not up.  I’m wider but not taller!  Hee hee!)

(PS  Thanks for tolerating this random fashion interlude.  What can I say?  I like looking at pretty dresses too.)

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