Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Light as a Feather

Flags at Half-Mast

Through the Screen Door

Near the Patio

Can you see the evidence of rain?  Ah, sweet, lovely, cooling rain!

Week of September 9, 2012:

Friday: Long run (30 minutes in the evening)

Saturday: Errands via the bike

Total minutes run this week: 95 (not too shabby!)

Week of September 16, 2012:

Sunday: Short morning run (25 minutes) and more errands via the bike

Monday: Yoga (Dave Farmar’s 20-minute session)

Tuesday: Long run (30 minutes in the evening)

Hey, hey!

This week is flying by for me, but I thought I’d stop in here to give a big thumbs-up to the weather, which has been fantastic.  On my long run last Friday, I really did feel like I was flying—the cooler evening made me feel unstoppable after all those humid mornings of trying to run on sleepy legs before breakfast.  Now, don’t get me wrong: I am happy that I seem to be getting the hang of this morning run thing—it’s a useful trick, being able to get a work-out done literally first thing in the morning.  I plan to do it again on Thursday because I’m going out with friends in the evening, and it would be nice to have a run under my belt feet for the day.  But evening running is almost always easier for me than morning runs—my body is awake and sufficiently warmed up that running is less challenging.  I do love my Sunday long runs, which seem like a different beast altogether.  On work days it has to be either first-thing morning runs or after-work evening runs.  Tonight I’m feeling grateful that the cooler weather as of late has given me the option of both without resorting to a treadmill.

Happy almost-fall, everyone!


  1. We've also had some cooler, less humid weather. I swear, sometimes I feel like moving to NC was jumping from the frying pot and into the fryer - literally! While it's just as humid as East Texas, it is, on the whole, cooler. So every time I want to complain, I'll just think of you, sweating a few states over, and I'll hush up. ;)

    I am glad you're enjoying better weather. It really makes such a huge difference!

    1. Ha! I know NC can be very hot and humid, so you have my permission to complain :-) And I think acclimation to the heat and humidity of a place makes a huge difference. Your setpoint changes depending on where you live (or at least mine has).

      For what it's worth, it's a great sadness in my life that I have not yet been able to live in NC. I think it is a gorgeous state and really want to get back there.