Friday, September 14, 2012

There is Always Time for Push-ups

The views from this week… 

Tuesday Sunrise

Neon Yellow Shorts

Check out these crazy neon yellow shorts underneath my running skirt!

Friday Morning Prim and Proper

No crazy neon yellow shorts underneath my dress here.  Sorry to disappoint!  But do you like my polka-dots and heels?

Week of September 9, 2012:

Monday: A bit of strength training (push-ups, crunches, squats)

Tuesday: Morning run (20 minutes)

Wednesday: Evening bike ride for groceries

Thursday: A short bout of strength training + yoga

I’m really tired this week and for no obvious reason except that I might be experiencing some allergies.  Prior to this week, I never thought I had seasonal allergies, but after describing my symptoms to a friend, he suggested I might and asked if I had post-nasal drip.  I said, “No.”

{Sniffle sniffle}  Actually, yes, I do, a little bit.  So seasonal allergies may explain my tiredness this week.  I was eating breakfast this morning, and I thought to myself, I would love to just crawl back into bed, even after drinking this coffee, and sleep for another two hours!  That didn’t happen, but at least today is Friday!  TGIF, my friends.

While there never seems to be enough time for all the sleep I want, there is always time for push-ups!  I’m not as serious about strength-training as I’d like to be—I tend to do it if and when I feel like it.  I do consider yoga to be a form of strength training, with all that isometric holding of poses as well as the graceful transitions from one pose to the next.  Yoga is like choreographed strength training with beautiful flow.  But I also like push-ups, plank position, crunches, squats, lunges, and all sorts of quick, easy strength-training.  I find those exercises tend to make me feel calm and energized—a wonderful feeling indeed!  So even though I feel like I’ve been really crunched for time this week, I’m happy I’ve been able to squeeze in some strength work.  Tonight I’m hoping to get outside for a long-ish run.  We’re in the middle of a cool spell, and it would be fantastic to take advantage of it with a good run.

Happy weekend, everyone!  TGIF!


  1. Your dotty dress (skirt?) is very fun!

    I hope you've been enjoying the cool spell! Early this summer I was doing really well with consistently doing pushups, but I fell off the wagon when I went to NYC in July and haven't managed to get back on it. Non-yoga days I should try to do a dozen or so.

    1. Ah, I like that! I used to be really good about doing push-ups and crunches on my short run days, but alas, I have also fallen off the wagon. Maybe we can form a push-ups+crunches support group? Do you like crunches?

      The nice thing about push-ups, etc. is that you can always take a quick break from academic work to do some to boost your energy and focus. I love that about strength training!

      I would do some right now, but I'm full of tea and chocolate cake...oof!

      The dots are a dress. I'm still building my "professional" wardrobe, as in garments that I hope will be appropriate for teaching some day. I can basically wear anything I want to work, but I like to dress up a bit, so I wear a lot of skirts and dresses. Some of my "lab wear" might be a little too fun or youthful for teaching--I'm not sure. But this shirt dress means business, so I hope it will take me into my next position nicely :-)

    2. I would be up for a push-up and crunches club -- though I didn't go to yoga all last week so I might be pretty sore for a couple of days after class tomorrow evening.

      I definitely think the dots can follow you! I tend to dress relatively casually after the first few weeks of the semester. I'm still trying to get a feel for the composite level of professionalism in the dress of my colleagues as I think that sets a context for dressing.