Friday, September 28, 2012

Things are Looking Down Over Here

Good Weather 9_28_12

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Indeed, things are looking down in a very good way!  Check out those lows for the next few days—they’re in the 60s.  I am pumped.  Is it time to break out the leg warmers?

In other weather news, there’s a full moon this weekend!  In fact, it’s the harvest moon, the full moon closest to the autumn equinox (which I believe we just passed).  I’ll be outside tomorrow night between 6:30 and 7 PM to watch for the harvest moonrise.  If only I drank pumpkin beer…that seems like it would be the perfect beverage to sip while watching the harvest moon.

Happy weekend, everyone.


  1. Hey! Check out that high in the 70s! (It snowed here last night and this morning.) I'm glad you're getting some better weather for running and biking.

    Do you ever drink mulled wine? That's also a nice beverage for harvest moons and cooler temps.

    1. Snow! Oh, my...are you ready for it?

      I've never had mulled wine, but I'm intrigued. Is it similar to port? Port tastes like Christmas in a glass to me. I missed the harvest moon yesterday because we have storms all weekend, but I am going to try to catch it tonight.

    2. Fortunately, less than an inch accumulated and most of it has melted off, as I'm not really mentally prepared for it yet. I was hoping to at least get midway through October.

      I loathe port actually. (I'm not a fan of most sweet drinks, though - PSL's, hard apple cider, and mulled wine are the exceptions.) Mulled wine is red wine (port could be used I suppose) that is simmered with spices, sugar, and citrus.

    3. Fingers crossed for warmth and no snow for you!

      Ha! I can see how port would be a tough sell with some folks--it's very strong and difficult to drink. You can sip it, but it's just so rich. I think making mulled wine with port would be overkill, as port already has a lot of sweetness and spice in it. I think what I really want to make this month is mulled hot apple cider, with or without a shot of rum or whiskey.

      Have a good week, friend! I'll be trying to check in with my blog friends this week, but pardon my silence if you don't hear from me as often.