Sunday, June 2, 2013

I Reserve the Right to Stop and Pet a Cat

Cat and Bike            

{A favorite photo from the Feels Like Flying archives}

Week of May 26, 2013:

Sunday: Evening bike ride to Target and HEB

Monday: Noontime run (40 minutes)

Tuesday: Evening run (28 minutes)

Wednesday: DIY yoga for a few minutes (my dinner date showed up early!)

Thursday: Bike ride commute to work

Friday: Evening run (32 sweaty minutes)

Saturday: Bike ride to HEB + Late morning run (20 minutes)

Total minutes run this week: 120.  BOOYAH!

Week of June 2, 2013:

Sunday: Morning run (40 minutes)

Happy Sunday!  Today is a lovely, lovely day.  I ran this morning in cool, humid weather, which was quite nice after the heat we’ve had lately.  My 40 minutes went by fast, especially because I stopped to pet the most adorable black and white cat.  She was sauntering through her garden when I ran by, and I paused to say hello.  She came out to greet me, and we spent a few happy minutes together while I cooed at her, telling her how pretty she was.

I think Chrissy hit the nail on its proverbial head when she said in a comment regarding tired legs, “That's why your long run paces are so slow - you couldn't go faster if you wanted to!”  Yes, indeed!  I felt good this morning, but I think the reason for that is because the pace was gentle.  I would have quickly become exhausted if I had tried to push it at all.  Slow and even, with frequent walk breaks—that is my marathon-training style.  I’ll talk a little more about my planned walk breaks in a future post, but today, I skipped the walk breaks since I was feeling good and I was kinda worried about making it to brunch on time.

Beyond running, I am having a great day.  After my run, I had brunch with some friends, and my friend Juliana made Colombian corn cakes, which were amazing.  So tasty!  We also had scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, granola with yogurt, and plenty of coffee.  Juliana’s friend Daniel joined us and regaled us with stories about traveling in the Middle East.  Before that, we discussed polygamy, Mormons, Amish people, and Roma.  Apparently my friends find these insular cultures as fascinating as I do!  Now I am filled with great food and have the afternoon to work on my to-do list.  I’m getting a lot of little stuff done this weekend, but I think this afternoon I shall attempt some more serious scientific reading—at least until my focus wears out and I wander off to write a packing list for this week.

How’s your weekend been?

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