Sunday, June 9, 2013

I’m okay with that.

First Cherries of the Summer


Pines Against a Dusky Sky{Summertime in Texas has begun!}

Week of June 2, 2013:

Sunday: Morning run (40 minutes)

Monday: Noontime run (22 minutes)

Tuesday: Off to Houston for fun!

Wednesday: Houston—>Dallas drive

Thursday: Afternoon walk with Jeremy around the UT-Dallas campus (which is AMAZING!  Such a great campus.)

Friday: Evening work-out combo (11 minutes of running, some biking, some walking)

Saturday: Noontime run (34 minutes)  

Total minutes run this week: 107.

Not a bad running week, eh?  Especially during the first of my three (THREE!) trips this summer.  I knew that I wouldn’t be doing much or any running while Paul and I were visiting friends around Texas, so I tried to front- and back-load my week to get 120 minutes of running onto the books.  I fell a bit short (13 minutes—gah!), but I also got some variety into my week.  Jeremy estimated that we walked for 3-4 miles on Thursday (and a glorious walk it was, too, with so much great conversation and beautiful architecture that I was overwhelmed), and on Friday I got a little bit of everything into my evening work-out/trip to HEB for supplies.

Tomorrow my marathon training officially begins!  Exciting!  And within the first week I will go off the plan, as JD and I are running a 10K a week from today.  My training plan calls for a 40-minute run, but eh—why not go for 60+, right?  Right!  I’ll probably trim the other runs so that I don’t exceed 130 minutes total.  However, I’m also planning to run 50 minutes tomorrow because I don’t want to jump straight from 40 minutes (my current LSR distance; LSR = Long Slow Run) to 60.  So…there will be some major tinkering with the schedule for Week 1.  I’m okay with that.  Are you?

(As a bonus, if I manage to crank out 50 minutes tomorrow morning, then I ease the pressure on myself later this week.  Long travel days from Texas to Michigan always exhaust me.  So this week is probably going to be all wonky no matter what, but I will do my best to get my 130 minutes of running onto the books.)

Have a great week, dear readers!  I’ll see you in Michigan.

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